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Mycenter-HX800G Horizontal Machining Center - Built to Handle Large Parts
July 2017
Kitamura Mycenter-HX800G HMC

Kitamura's Mycenter-HX800G HMC Offers Enhanced Productivity and 1226N●m (904.2FT/LBS) of Cutting Torque for Complex, Large Part Machining

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Kitamura's all NEW high speed, compact #40 HMC - Mycenter-HX300iG
March 2017
High Speed Horizontal Machining Center

Kitamura's ultra compact HMC reduces floor space by 20% when compared with our 400mm horizontal without sacrificing speed, power, accuracy or reliability.

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Kitamura 5-Axis VMC Makes This a "One Stop" Shop
February 2017
5-axis machining, Kitamura, vertical machining

Anaheim Precision Manufacturing services high tech aerospace and commercial customers on the West Coast. Needing something that could handle heavier materials and tighter tolerances, they turned to Kitamura Mytrunnion-4G 5-Axis Vertical Machining Centers. The result? Flawless finishes and mind blowing repeatability.

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Mycenter-4XiD Vertical Machining Center
January 2017
Kitamura Machinery

Innovated Machining Solutions, Port Huron MI invested in one, then another, Kitamura Mycenter-4XiD vertical machining center to take on more, larger work machining mainly aluminum prototype molds for mold-manufacturer customers serving the automotive industry.

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Mycenter-2XD "Sparkchanger" VMC
September 2016
Vertical Pallet Machining

High Volume Production at Your Fingertips with a Standard 2-Station 180 Degree Rotating Pallet Changer

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Racing and Machining
June/July 2016
Kitamura, Racing, Mycenter, Horizontal Machining

Driven to perform - Odenthal Manufacturing in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho is where David Odenthal grew up, started racing, and built his machining business. A pair of Kitamura 300mm HMC's lead the way with their full 4th axis capabilities, offering a distinct advantage over your standard VMC's.

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World's Fastest Horizontal Machining Technology
March 2016
400mm, Horizontal Machining, Kitamura, Mycenter-HX400G

Kitamura's Mycenter-HX400G - Updated and upgraded. Increase productivity with new features, feeds and speeds!

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Mytrunnion-7G - Large Capacity 5-Axis Machining
February, 2016
5-Axis Machining, Kitamura, Mycenter, Vertical Machining Center

Kitamura adds the Mytrunnion-7G large capacity 5-axis Vertical Machining Center to it's line-up - High performance, high precision - our largest 5-axis VMC

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NEW Breakthrough in VMC Machining - Kitamura Mycenter-3XD
January, 2015
Vertical Machining Center, Affordable, Kitamura, Mycenter, Job Shop, CNC Machine, Heavy Duty Machining

Kitamura introduces their newest Vertical Machining Center. The Mycenter-3XD is a high output, compact work horse with 35HP of unbelievable cutting capability. Did we mention the extremely affordable price point?

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Racing Toward More Parts Per Pallet Load
May, 2015

Kitamura's Horizontal Machining Centers provide this worldwide supplier of high-end motorsports components the optimized workflow necessary to increase their production of pistons and connecting rods for the racing industry.

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A Winning Strategy for Efficient Machining of Inconel
May, 2015
Medical Machining, Horizontal Machining, Inconel, Titanium, Kitamura, Aircraft Machining, Medical Machining,

Kitamura Horizontal Machining Centers take center stage at this Employee engaging Tacoma Machine Shop ripping through the hardest and most challenging of materials leaving in their wake more profitable parts of good quality faster without slowing down the rhythm of the shop.

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Reducing Set-Ups with Automated Pallet Systems
November, 2014
5-Axis Machining, Vertical Machining, Horizontal Machining, CNC Machine, Kitamura, Automation, Mycenter

Wouldn't it be great to have the ability to set-up a pallet once and then be done with it? Kitamura automated pallet systems help this California Job Shop recover time lost to repeat set-ups for recurring part orders.

No Compromises for Large-Mold Machining
December, 2014
Die Mold, Bridgecenter-10, Kitamura, Double Column Machining Centers, Mold Making, Mycenter, Plastics

Kitamura's Double Column Machining Centers expand the range of work being processed and offer additional design freedom for larger molds for this Wisconsin Operation.

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Small Complex Component Machining
June, 2014
Compact Horizontal Machining Center, Space Saving Machine, Small Part Machining, Kitamura, Mycenter, Tight Tolerance, Defense Machining, Fixturing

Superior surface finishes, a reduction in cycle times and high level accuracies for this New England job shop results in parts as close to perfect as possible - Courtesy of Kitamura.

Machining Titanium with a Space Saving VMC and 5-Axis Retrofit Increases Metal Removal
February, 2013
5-Axis Machining, Vertical Machining, CNC Machine, Kitamura, Mycenter, G & G Machine, Medical Machining

A small shop added two new machines, each of which is more advanced than any of the previous machine tools the company has used, and one of them is a KITAMURA. Read on to share in the shops experiences and how high quality equipment makes an impact.

Kitamura Mytrunnion-4G - Kitamura Expands on it's 5-Axis VMC Line Up!
September, 2014
5-Axis Machining Center, Kitamura, Mytrunnion-4G, Complex Machining

The Mytrunnion-4G 5-Axis VMC has been designed specifically for manufacturers and job shops that require higher levels of flexibility and versatility in the materials that they machine at an incredibly affordable price point.

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Invest in Automation - Go Horizontal with Multi Pallets and Tools to Increase Productivity
September, 2014
Automation, Kitamura, Multi-Pallet, Horizontal Machining, Mycenter-HX400G

Components of varying shapes and sizes cause one manufacturer to rethink their production techniques. With the addition of Kitamura's Mycenter-HX400G Horizontal Machining Center with an 8-station automatic pallet changer, this Brea, CA manufacturer can now have as many as 20 parts set up and ready to go at one time. Most of the shops parts can now be machines in one operation, relieving the pressure.

Kitamura's Heavy Duty Mycenter-HX800iLTGA for Precision Custom Component Machining
August, 2013
Mycenter-HX800iLTGA, Horizontal Machining, Kitamura, Large Part Machining, Heavy Duty Cutting

Large Part Machining - Kitamura's Mycenter-HX800iLTGA updates outdated equipment and offers this Ohio user improvements in speed, efficiency, precision and rigidity for their heavy duty machining requirements.

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